Technology Resource


Based on various technologies of hardware and software and network

technologies, we have new technologies such as wireless communication technology, internet based technology, etc.

H/W, F/W Design Technology

  • Control and Monitoring Design Technology
  • Electric Technology Management
  • DIGITAL circuit Design Technology
  • ANALOG circuit Design Technology
  • Communication circuit Design Technology
  • MICOM circuit Design Technology
  • EMI/EMC Design Technology
  • Power supply circuit Design Technology
  • PCB ARTWORK and Production Technology
  • MICOM F/W Design and Implementation Technology
  • EPLD F/W Design and Implementation Technology

Electric Power Conversion Technology

  • Inverter Design Technology
  • Converter Design Technology

Structural Design Technology

  • Vibration Resistant Design Technology
  • Heat resistant and Wetproof Design Technology
  • EMI/EMC Design Technology
  • Ergonomic Design Technology

Windows-based Software Design and Programming Skills

  • HMI Design and Programming Skills
  • DATABASE design and Implementation Technology
  • Communication NETWORK Design and Programming Skills

The Others

  • System Redundancy Realization Technology
  • Hardware Failure Diagnostic Technology
  • General-purpose PLC and Graphic
  • Unit Control Technology

Application Tool

  • M/S Visual C++
  • M/S Visual Basic
  • Borland C++
  • M/S SQL, Access, ODBC Database Tool
  • LabView
  • Compiler for Intel CPU Series
  • Microchip Controller Compiler
  • Assembler
  • Every kind of PLC Maker Supply Tool