Major Development


KTE has achieved various studying & developing results from shipping

automatic system to overland systems such as surveillance system for railway vehicles, corrosion monitoring system for gas line, etc.

The Defense Industry Part

  • Integration Platform Management System for Submarine
  • DC/AC Electric Power Conversion Technology for Submarine
  • DC/DC Electric Power Conversion Technology for Submarine
  • Propulsion Control System for Submarine
  • Accessories Switchboard for Submarine
  • Fuel Cell Control System for Submarine

Monitoring & Control Part

  • Train Monitoring System
  • Fuel oil Purifier Automatic Control Device
  • Rectifier for Electrolytic Protection

Power Electronic Part

  • Power Management System for LNG
  • Container Crane Inverter

Corrosion Monitoring Part

  • Corrosion Monitoring System of Underground Facilities

Industrial Whashing Machine Part

  • Industrial DRY & WET Cleaning Machine