Side Thruster


Fixed Pitch Propeller


Fixed Pitch Propeller
TFT model is completely newly designed thruster based on our vast experience and achievements.
  • Prime mover is available by means of reversible hydraulic motor, reversible electric motor or diesel engine.
  • Direction of thrust can be obtained by controlling direction of revolution and any thrust in the range by controlling prime mover speed.
  • Simple structure and easy maintenance.
  • Lubrication at turning and rubbing positions inside thruster unit is of oil soaking system, therefore, oil supply inspection is not necessary.
  • Header tank is arranged in piping connection with thruster unit and keeps a little higher lubrication oil pressure inside thruster than sea water pressure, thereby an ingress of seawater is prevented.
  • The thruster unit is fabricated inside the duct and both ends of the duct are welded to the hull.
  • Nozzle tube and bell mouth to connect with duct
  • Guard grid and zinc anodes for protection from corrosion
  • Pipes and piping work
  • Electric wires and wiring work
  • Installation base seating for each equipment, liner and fitting bolts
  • Lubrication oil, other oils etc

The driver mover and control equipments for thruster operations can be supplied at customer’s option.

  • Hydraulic motor driving
    • Comprising : Hyd. motor, Hyd. pump, Suction filter, Relief valve, Check valve, Magnetic directional control valve, Pressure gauge, Rubber hose etc.
  • Electric motor / Driving
    • Comprising : Cage type motor, Starter, Wheelhouse panel etc.
  • Engine Driving
    • Comprising : Engine body with reversing reduction gear, Wheelhouse panel, Gauge board, Clutch and governor control box etc.