Side Thruster


Controllable Pitch Propeller

Controllable Pitch Propeller

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Greater thrust

As a result of tank tests and improvements in both design and strength of the blades, we have created a thruster with much greater thrust than conventional ones of the past.

Easy installation

Reduction in the thruster length has made it possible for the thruster to be installed to the forward part of the bow section of the ship compared to conventional ones. This gives the ship a great turning moment.

Minimum vibration low noise

Utilizing our unique forward-skew design for the thruster's blades and the results of many tank tests enabled outstanding progress in low noise and reduced vibration.

Easy maintenance and inspection

Propeller blade replacement can be conducted in the duct easily by removing the blade bolts. The thruster body can be dismounted in the duct, shifted outside and inspected on shore. Adoption of the same oil for lubrication and pitch control brings easy maintenance for the thruster.

Thruster Control System

This product is an exclusive controller to control a thruster when a ship is coming or going alongside the pier. The main function of this product is to control a blade angle of thruster to control signal which is detected control command and feedback value. And it can provide an automatic control for a thruster optimized using a follow-up control algorithm.

Display UnitDisplay Unit
Wing UnitWing Unit
Operation UnitOperation Unit
Wing UnitWing Unit


Simple design and compact size Easy interface to DPS(1,2), AMS, VDR etc Easy system expansion and maintenance Flexible addition or modification of function

User Convenience

Auto blade angle control (Follow up control)

Main function of this system is to control blade angle with command value. That is to say, this system controls blade angle automatically with command when follow up control algorithm is used.

Manual control (Non-follow up control)

In this system, blade angle can be basically controlled by means of recognizing angle that users input with CPU and controlling automatically with follow up control algorithm and another operation isn't necessary.

Auto load control

This is function to protect an overload which is made after running an electromotor. It can be controlled automatically by the limit of maximum allowed-current, Proportional gain and Integral gain.

Zero pitch system

During voyage of the vessel, sometimes the propeller is rotated by the tide(the seawater coming into the thruster tunnel) and the pitch is moved out of the zero position. In this situation, the hydraulic pump automatically will be started and the pitch is kept in zero.