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Programmable Starter Unit

Programmable Starter Unit
Programmable Starter Unit

Pump Starter Unit was designed with micro controller in order to start all sorts of motors suitable to the uses such as ships, industrial plants, etc. It can be applied to starters with all three operating methods of direct start, forward-reverse start, Y-DELTA start, and it provides three operating modes of manual, auto, stand-by. So users can choose and use the functions according to their needs. Moreover, every kind of relays, magnets, and timers, which have been established on the outside, are minimized, and LED lamps which function alarm and each state display functions, The product communicates with other unit to exchange unit status for stand-by function, and it will be controlled and monitored by IAS(Integrated Automation System) because the micro controller based on LonWorks communication. And the product supports two or three stand-by modes by user setting and has short time for user setup or commissioning. So this point will increase it’ s competitiveness about price and technique. So it has the lower production cost and cut down the cost of labor than hardwired communication design. And this point will be competitiveness about priceand technique.

Main Function
  • Forward(high speed) motor start/stop.
  • Reverse(low speed) motor start/stop.
  • Two or Three Stand-by Mode based LonWorks network communication.
  • System Integration(Alarm Monitoring System or Integrated Automation System).
  • Abnormal stop(Overload, Low Pressure, Magnet Contact Fault).
  • Sequential start(On/Off, Start time).
  • Reverse interval time delay.
  • Pressure build-up detection.
  • Parallel running(Low Pressure).
  • Black-out recovery.
  • Space or Element Heater control(On/Off, On interval time)