Military Equipment


Electrical Equipment for the Navy

KTE marine electrical equipment has already been recognized not only by major classification societies but also by leading ship authority around the world. As a specialized manufacturer with many years of marine and shipbuilding experience, KTE's technology is also utilized in naval vessels such as LPX, submarines, minesweepers.
KTE has continuously provided naval equipment like main switchboard, IC switchboard, training simulator, power converter, control system, etc. for the Republic of Korea Navy for decades.

Auxiliary Switchboard for Submarine Training SystemAuxiliary Switchboard for Submarine Training System
Main Switchboard for LPX(Landing Platform Experimental)Main Switchboard for LPX(Landing Platform Experimental)
Auxiliary Switchboard for Submarine Training SystemMain Switchboard for MSH(Mine Sweep Hunter)
Auxiliary Switchboard for Submarine Training SystemMilitary Afloat Reach and Sustainability tankers