Control Console


From Design Features to Operational Efficiency

KTE, a highly-specialized manufacturer of marine equipment, produces control consoles which assure safe ship navigation along with switchboards and starters. With splendid appearance and simplified arrangement several hundreds of Control Consoles have been delivered to vessels sailing all over the world.



Long-life span and high performance

KTE marine control consoles are adaptable to all possible ship conditions. They are highly resistant to vibration, moisture and temperature, employing parts chosen on the basis of our high technology and accumulated experience. Thus, long-life span and high performance are ensured.

Optimum arrangement

For easy monitoring and operation, the layout of the panel surface is sectioned for separate group apparatuses, such as the main engine, the boiler and the auxiliary machinery. This arrangement can fully meet user’s requirements.

Rigid construction and good appearance

Designed for marine applications, the consoles are sufficiently drip-proof and durable against vibration and shock and are constructed for easy installation. Excellent anti-corrosive coating, baked melamine finish and orderly device arrangement produce a superb appearance.

Easy inspection and maintenance

The arrangement of the parts in the console and the wiring facilitates inspection and maintenance.

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