High Voltage

MCset series for marine and o-shore applications is a complete range of High Voltage standardized units, insulated air metal-clad type ones, for the performing of the following functions.

  • 115 columns up to 4000A,
  • 230 columns above 4000A.
  • Connection from the top, the bottom or the rear
  • Short-circuit current up to 150kA/1s
  • Highly compact configurations
  • Incomers changeover in 1 column
  • Incomers+Coupling in 2 columns

In choosing MCset, you have the key advantage of :

  • the extensive experience of the world leader in high voltage
  • the host of solutions derived from the most modern concepts
Auxiliary Switchboard for Submarine Training System


Easy installation

Several assembling solutions meet all Marine requirements and lay out or location constraints.
Ground surface savings : reduced width cubicles without rear access Easy front access to bus bars and cables connections Easy on site extension Standardized ground bolting Easy integration of protection units

The staff’s safety is ensured by Availability of an internal arc proof version according to IEC 60298
Earthing switches with making capacity Authorization for the handling of the circuit breaker only with the door closed Complete metallic insulation of the functional units All the controls on the front of the unit


MCset offers you
  • Pre-engineered and adaptable solutions tailored to your specific requirements
  • Significantly reduced maintenance
  • Local support centres throughout the world
MCset gives you the advantages of
  • Continuity of service for your network
  • Enhanced safety for your staff and operation
  • Optimized investment throughout the life of your installation
  • The possibility of integrating your HV SWBD in a monitoring and control system

MCset solidly based on extensive experience acquired throughout the world and provides your networks with a high level of dependability and safety. MCset integrates a host of innovative solutions designed around proven techniques; high performance switchgear, digital protection, monitoring and control system, enclosures capable of withstanding internal arcing.

MCset has taken account of three key user requirements
  • Type testing was carried out for each performance level
  • Three-dimensional computer modeling techniques were used to study the electrical filed
  • A user interface which is easily understood by everybody
  • Interlocks and padlocks preventing operator errors
  • Sepam-type protection units enabling on-site information retrieval without any additional devices
  • Easy installation due to identical civil engineering dimensions for all cubicles and installation being possible against a wall
  • Operations are all performed from the front, including access to connections and bus bars
  • The earthing switch has making capacity
  • Internal arc withstand developed for all functional units


Each unit include

A metalclad cubicle, composed of several metalic compartments
A withdrawable breaking device (circuit-breaker, contactor-fuses)
A dedicated protection and control unit

The standard units are
  • Incoming and outgoing units with or without voltage transformer (VT)
  • Bus-tie with or without voltage transformer (VT)
  • Bus riser with or without voltage transformer (VT)
  • Motor units
Breaking techniques
  • SF6, Rollarc contactors
  • SF6, LF circuit breakers
Standard compliance
  • IEC 60298-60694
  • IEC 60056 (circuit breakers)
  • Classification (LRS, DNV, BV, RINA, ABS, GL)


A functional unit comprises all equipment in the main and auxiliary circuits which together provide a protection function.

The cubicle
  • Incomer or Feeder[AD]
  • Line up bus section[CL-GL]
  • Bus bar metering and Earthing [TT]
  • Switch-fuse feeder [DI]
The protection, monitoring and control system
  • Sepam
  • Current sensor
  • Voltage transformers
  • Zero sequence core balance CT’s (CSH type)
The withdrawable part
  • Circuit breaker or contactor
  • Lever type propulsion mechanism
  • Interlocks to fix the withdrawable part


An innovative range of motor starters up to 3800KW
Low installation cost
  • 2 unit pre-assembled shipment
  • Integrated low voltage wireway
  • Front and rear access to cable compartment
Easy to use
  • All controls located at the same convenient operator height
  • Visible isolation and “earthed” indication at eye-level
  • Optional back-light to view contact position
  • Ensures reliability and operator ease
  • Prevent access to HV compartment when energized
  • Maintainable from the front

High reliability
  • Disconnector housing and contactor cradle moulds
  • Fewer busbar connections
  • Temperature rise = 55°C
  • Pre-engineered solutions with LPCT and Sepam digital relay
  • KEMA Certified (STL)
Operating conditons

Motorpact HV motor starters provide the most efficient means to control and protect a wide range of applications.

  • Rated voltage : 7.2 KV
  • Motor range : Up to 3800 KW
  • Motor type : Asynchronous
  • Enclosure types : Squirrel cage
  • Up to IP 4X
  • Internal arc classified
Load compartment with vacuum contactor
  • Connected position

    Connected position

  • Rail extended

    Rail extended

  • Withdrawn position

    Withdrawn position