Business Policy


Global leading shipbuildingㆍoffshore electricㆍcontrol system integration(SI) frontier

Global Leading Shipbuilding & Offshore ElectricㆍControl System Integration(SI) developer with creating value for customers as well as growing with them.

Business strategy

ProfitProfit structure improvement

  • Increase sales
  • Cost reduction
  • Profit improvement
  • Increase sales to new customer

PerformancePerformance management

  • Raise the totalProductivity
  • Improvement of customer satisfaction
  • Establish of management performance

ProcessProcess improvement

  • Increase organization & work efficiency using process innovation
  • Efficent SCM Management

ProductA high value product

  • Securement quality Competitiveness
  • New sales, develop a product
  • Core technology secure of human

PeopleCore competence strengthen

  • Reinforcement of the capability by level and position continuous to
  • Cultivate human resources Increase
  • Employee satisfaction

Business Policy

“Internal innovation and risk management of
a slowdown in Shipbuilding business

  • Profit improvement
  • Obtain Order expansion
  • Process innovation
  • Management performance
  • Cultivate human resources