Safety-focused management

KTE will fulfill a happy life for individuals and corporate social responsibility through safety-focused management.


“We are putting efforts to make NO-INJURY working environment”

Safety & Health Policy

  • Set up an autonomous safety and health management system by giving priority to safety and health in all areas of business operations.
  • Set safety and health goals and specific objectives related to safety & Health Policy and establish and carry out an implementation plan.
  • Intensify the safety and health competencies by establishing safety and health improvement programs in the spirit of human dignity.
  • Strictly comply with safety and health related laws and requirements for safety and health management system.
  • Continuously improve to achieve accident-free workplaces through the participation of all employees.

Safety focused management

Management has been sharing our goal - ”Safety is the top priority of our management”, with all employees. Besides, we are conducting various safety-related activities to drive all employees’ support and participation. Also, all persons’ safety at our facility is under our responsibility with expanding range of safety target.

  • Site safety patrol
  • Secure communication meeting
  • Contractor safety training