Company Society Responsibility

KTE has been awarded and currently managed with ISO14001 (Environment management system), OHSAS18001(Health and Safety management system) accreditations.


  • Mountain climbing for labor-management harmony once per a year
  • Organization of labor-management association and periodical conference
  • Grievance procedure
  • Designeated by superior company cooperated by labor-management
  • After establishment, no trouble for 30 years
  • Supporting to regional neglected class : Club(Banditbul) activity
  • Technical support for subcontractors


  • Taking out 4 legal insurances
  • Purchasing housings and supporting life funds (loan)
  • Educational supports: kindergarten, high school and university expenses
  • Participating in accident insurance for workers
  • Supporting childbirth expenses, giving childbirth and infant care holidays
  • Operating gym, shower room, tennis court and resting facilities
  • Supporting academic education expenses for self-development (languages)
  • Providing domestic/overseas educational opportunities such as MBA, etc.
  • Operating the company welfare funds
  • Operating severance pays’ system


  • Operating environmental administration system: ISO 14001
  • Making more than 25% of the whole factory site green
  • Effective management of resources – decreasing the using quantity of energy
  • Measuring the air pollution materials two times per a year
  • Preventing water pollution with powder → possible to recycle
  • Activities of environmental purification in the company and out of company every week

Health & Safety

  • Operating administrative system of domestic/overseas safety & health: OHSAS 18001, KOSHA 18001
  • Industrial safety & health organization and periodical conference per a quarter
  • Safety inspection on 4th of every month, working environment check two times per a year
  • Safety & health education per a month
  • Physical examination per a year


  • Stricting control over outsiders' access to CCTV install on building
  • Establishment security USB system for prevent the leaking of Electronic Document
  • Establishment & enforcement for backup and recovery measure about DB document
  • Blocking noxious packet by Utilizing firewall & IPS introduction SSL, VPS for the outside worker
  • Maintenance the best security system NAC, etc.